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DNA – Trustworthy?

Most criminal defense lawyers know that science in Court is not like CSI. Fingerprints are rarely used anymore. The FBI has admitted that the evidence used to convict thousands of people over several decades (bullet lead analysis, bite mark analysis) has proven to be completely unreliable junk science. Now, what has previously been seen to be near...
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Terminating Parental Rights

I often get asked whether a party can “sign over” their parental rights. Usually this is because the other party doesn’t want anything to do with the child or doesn’t want to pay child support. The answer is: Not really. Let me explain: There is no private right of termination in Oklahoma. Public policy (whoever gets to determine...
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Hire a Lawyer!

I was on the misdemeanor plea docket Monday morning, and even after witnessing thousands of pleas, it never ceases to amaze me when criminal Defendants represent themselves, even for misdemeanors. Often I see them agree to offers with the Assistant District Attorney which could easily have been negotiated down, or blind pled to a much...
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