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Legal Guardianships

Becoming someone’s legal guardian is a serious matter. You need the help of an attorney who is experienced with legal guardianship to help you through the court system. Legal guardianship most commonly occurs when someone other than the parent must take over the care of a child. It can also occur if an adult can no longer make their own decisions.

Legal Guardianships Can Be Complicated

Legal guardianship isn’t as simple as deciding that you’ll bring someone into your home and take care of them. In some cases, the person that needs to be cared for may not believe they need a guardian (such as an aging parent). In other cases, it could be a child that has neglectful parents, and those parents do not necessarily want someone else to care for their child. This is why a legal guardianship requires a lot of research and specific paperwork.

You Need the Help of an Experienced Legal Guardianship Attorney

Don’t struggle with a legal guardianship on your own. You deserve the help of a competent and friendly attorney to help you through the process. The large amount of paperwork involved with a legal guardianship is tedious. If you make a mistake on the paperwork, it can be rejected by the court. Having the help of an attorney who has legal guardianship experience can help ensure that the paperwork is properly completed. This can help strengthen your chances of being granted guardianship over the child or adult that needs to be protected.

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