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Criminal Defense

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes require the immediate assistance of a competent and qualified criminal defense attorney. So, how do you know if you’ve chosen a good criminal defense lawyer?

Excellent Communication Skills

A good criminal defense attorney has excellent communication skills. The chosen attorney can explain to you, in clear, down to earth language, what is going on in your case from the beginning all the way through the end. A good criminal defense attorney can make sure that you understand not only what your charges are, but also your options such as a possible plea bargain.

A good criminal defense attorney won’t just communication with you – your chosen advocate will also communicate with others on your behalf. So, it’s very important that the attorney also have a respected presence within the legal system.


It’s also important that your criminal defense attorney know and understand the criminal laws for your state. This is important because laws and court rules can be different in different states.  Someone who is knowledgeable in criminal defense law can help form a good defense, possibly reduce the criminal charge, and may be able to negotiate a lighter sentence. An experienced criminal defense attorney also has the added strength of having a team of experts that can be called upon if needed.


Every county is different. Each county may have different judges, different prosecutors and different court rules. That is why it is important that you get an attorney that knows these differences. Robert R. Faulk practices regularly in several counties in Northwest Oklahoma and can help you.


The fact of the matter is that when people need a lawyer, it’s often hard to come up with a large retainer to get an attorney. Check with your criminal defense attorney to find out about their rates. Also, you should ask if they have a payment plan that you can afford.

Every Criminal Defense Case Is Different

Although criminal defense cases may share some of the same elements, each case is different. There are different facts and contributing factors that can play a part of your criminal case. This also means that two separate clients can have the same charge, but one case may take longer than