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Bonding Out or Paying for Attorney

Unfortunately, many people charged with crimes are the ones that can least afford it. In some cases, families have a limited amount of money to use to try and help a criminal defendant. If it comes down to a choice between hiring a lawyer and bonding out, it is important to be fully informed of potential issues that may arise prior to making that decision. Here are some key things to think about:

  1. In Garfield County, there is an unwritten presumption that being able to bond out on $10,000 ($1,000 premium) or more means you are not indigent. Although in some cases, this bond is paid for by family members or friends, it becomes unlikely you will be eligible to receive a court appointed lawyer if you bond out. What good is it being out on the street if you don’t have a lawyer? Trying to represent yourself is very dangerous and you will likely do something to put yourself in a worse position than if you have a lawyer.
  2. If you call an attorney before bonding the person out, the attorney may be able to get the bond reduced, and in some cases, even an OR Bond. This saves money and may allow you to both pay for the attorney AND bond the person out.
  3. If your crimes is a very serious one, or you have a lengthy criminal history, you may be going to prison anyway, you are usually given credit for the days you spend waiting for your case to be resolved. It is important to note: In Garfield County you will be charged $20 a day for the days you spend waiting for the case to be resolved and are unable to be bonded out. This can add up quickly.

Remember, if you or a loved one is ever arrested, contact a LOCAL and EXPERIENCED criminal defense attorney immediately before making any rash decisions. Faulk Law Firm offers FREE CONSULTATIONS.