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Why waiting for an expungement might make you ineligible...

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Why waiting for an expungement might make you ineligible…

In the past couple of weeks I have had several clients come in for a new charge. When I inquire about their past record, many tell me that “it was all expunged” or don’t tell me about a past offense at all, believing that it is no longer on their record. In fact, while they have had their “public” record expunged, the record of their arrest remains. Most of the time it will say “case dismissed” but occasionally it won’t have any information.

I have previously explained expungement procedures here and here and here, but for some reason, people seem to forget about taking care of this when they are eligible (generally 1 year after dismissal for misdemeanors, 10 years after dismissal for non violent felonies). This can cause a problem down the road because under current law, you are generally only eligible for an expungement of your case if you have no other convictions after the dismissal. Currently, the State of Oklahoma, through OSBI, is taking the position that something as minor as a speeding ticket counts as a conviction. (EDIT: Expungement laws have changed significantly in Oklahoma since this was posted – contact Faulk Law Firm for details).

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