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To Plea or to Blind Plea

It is said that 90% of criminal cases are ultimately resolved by plea agreement. In NW Oklahoma, it seems to be an even higher percentage. Therefore, it is important to understand the different options you have when entering a Guilty or No Contest plea. Negotiated Plea: A negotiated plea is one in which you have reached...
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Joint Custody v. Sole Custody

I get asked often about joint custody and usually find that people confuse CUSTODY with VISITATION, which are two totally separate matters. Custody generally refers to who has the primary decision making authority with regards to the main decisions in the child’s life, such as where the child goes attends school, major medical care and general...
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What to Expect In a Criminal Case

Many clients ask me at the beginning of their case what to expect, so here’s the basic process of a criminal case. Note: This generally applies to Garfield County Oklahoma and some surrounding counties. Other Counties may vary slightly, although the main events will be similar. ARREST: Almost all criminal prosecutions begin with an arrest. For minor misdemeanors, sometimes...
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