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Topless Women

Topless Women

Should municipalities be free to ban women from walking down the street topless? Not in Ft. Collins, said a federal judge. While Ft. Collins argued that a woman’s breasts are inherently sexual, two plaintiffs, through the organization “Free the Nipple” are arguing that men and women’s breasts are no different, and a Federal judge agreed. Ft. Collins appealed the decision to the 10th circuit and oral arguments were held in January and a decision should be forthcoming. Find more info here: LINK

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  1. antonimo@gmail.com'

    Dear Robert,

    First of all I want to tell you that I think that your article about topless women is very interesting. The ruling you mention is definitely a boost to the equality before the law human right.
    Best regards,
    Atty. Antonio Benítez.

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